List of Umpqua bank Branch Offices in Lake Oswego. Find Branch Location and Address for Umpqua Bank in Lake Oswego

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Umpqua bank is one of the oldest and largest banks in USA. You can search for the branches of Umpqua Bank using our branch locator tool. You can find Umpqua Bank branch address, phone number and other contact information in a particular City, ZIP Code, County or State.

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Umpqua Bank Branches

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Umpqua Bank - Mary's Wood Retirement BranchBank Address: 17400 Holy Names Drive, Suite 65
City (County): Lake Oswego (Clackamas)
State: Oregon (OR)
Zip Code: 97034
Bank Unique Number: 361701
Umpqua Bank - Lake Oswego BranchBank Address: 201 B Avenue, Suite 100
City (County): Lake Oswego (Clackamas)
State: Oregon (OR)
Zip Code: 97034
Bank Unique Number: 456857
Umpqua Bank - Lakeport BranchBank Address: 805 Eleventh Street
City (County): Lakeport (Lake)
State: California (CA)
Zip Code: 95453
Bank Unique Number: 17621
Umpqua Bank - Kelseyville BranchBank Address: 4280 Main Street
City (County): Kelseyville (Lake)
State: California (CA)
Zip Code: 95451
Bank Unique Number: 258181